Green Dragon Tavern & Museum is a community centric restaurant, hospitality venue and must visit destination located in Carlsbad, CA. GDT&M opened its doors in 2014 with a passion to revolutionize hospitality by creating a memorable guest experience unlike any other on the west coast. We combine our appreciation for America, elevated social dining and community to create a destination that focuses on the commonalities we share that bring us together. We accomplish this through our highly acclaimed menu, classic American ambiance combined with comfortable Tavern feel, our free admission museum housing a collection of documents and antiquities that inspire and connect us with our nation’s heritage as well as our fun, friendly service dedicated to your social dining experience.

Inspired by 18th century taverns, once the epicenter of communities, GDT&M is an enhanced replica of the original Green Dragon Tavern offering modern day amenities such as filtered water, buck shell free food, complimentary wifi and large screen LED televisions for catching your favorite team! All while embracing and continuing the historic traditions of providing good times and communal experiences.

To learn more about GDT&M and all of the experiences available to you, please explore our site. We will look forward to your visit.